June Bourgo was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec,

the youngest of four siblings. She grew up a shy dreamer

who loved to write.


Her life journey has taken her down many different

paths from commuting by ferry to work with a

communications firm, to living in a houseboat in Victoria

Harbour, BC, managing a physiotherapy clinic, and working

at a remote gold mine with a resident grizzly, on top of a

mountain in the Yukon.


June lives on Vancouver Island, off the west coast of

Beautiful British Columbia with her husband and their

grey tabby, Picasso. She married her husband, Dennis in

1986. She writes copy for her artist husband and her

publishing credits include feature articles for a single-

parenting magazine.


Her writing inspiration comes from the raw nature and 

ocean surrounding her home, and the laid-back

lifestyle of Island life.


June Bourgo works full-time as a novelist.


Her cottage overlooking the Salish Sea 

June's favorite place to write, create characters, develop stories , or  relax with her husband and their grey tabby, Picasso.


Winter’s Captive, Book 1

Chasing Georgia, Book 2

Missing Thread, Book 3


This series was inspired by the Author’s struggles in an abusive first marriage. Her intention was to share lessons she learned

about life and relationships through the fictitious story of her main protagonist.


Her heroine, Georgia Charles embarks on 

journey of survival that takes her down a road to 

empowerment and enlightenment.

The books span a nine year period in the life

of a woman who faces physical, emotional,

and mental angst.


In Book 1, Georgia is lost in the wilderness

and forced to make decisions to survive the

cold, harsh winter. Will she make the right choices to not 

only secure her survival but that of her unborn child?


In Book 2, Georgia tries to start a new life.Can she 

overcome her fears of commitment and accept love

again? Should she say yes to her ex-husband’s wife’s 

life-changing request that will affect so many? And what

of the stalker who’s determined to make Georgia his own?


In Book 3, Georgia disappears, taking Sean on

a journey to Texas in search of his wife. An accident 

(or is it?) propels Georgia into a battle that not only 

threatens her survival, but also stretches the very fiber 

that holds her family together. Can Georgia overcome

the elements threatening to destroy her family? 

And how does an FBI investigation tie into Georgia’s plight?